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     "Springfield based band leader Jeremy Turgeon guides his four associates in this ensemble with a precision that makes them the pride of Western Mass."

     "Amazing is no hyperbole when you spin “You Know What I Want,” Turgeon’s trumpet shining on what I want to dub “smooth melodic jazz.” 


     -Ed Wrobleski

      The Noise - Boston

     "Again" is the new single - a fabulous jazz-soul performance, which takes place outside of any standard Smmoth sound formations and focuses on a compact jazz foundation and creates a very fine vocal glaze, for the Nichell J. Mungo is responsible. Really remarkable."

-Joerg Schmitt

Sonic Soul Reviews (Germany)

      "The JTQ, led by local high school graduate Jeremy Turgeon, exemplifies this renaissance in music, blending together traditional jazz and modern jazz pop, sometimes in the same song."

-Brendon Holland

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