Thirty one year old trumpeter and vocalist, Jeremy Turgeon, was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts into a family of music lovers.  First picking up the trumpet at age 11, Jeremy took to the horn.  Upon entering high school, Jeremy was immediately placed into the concert ensembles.  Directed by Music Educator Grammy Nominee, Gary Bernice, he would become the programs first Drum Major as a Sophomore and the Band's President as a Senior.  Jeremy successfully auditioned for the MMEA Western District Orchestra and sat Principle and Second chair.  He would also go on to sit in with the United States Navy Band as well as first chair in the MA Lions All State Concert and Jazz Bands, UMASS Honor Band and CMG Jazz Ensembles.  Jeremy graduated from high school with the highest musical honors given to date. After High School, Jeremy entered the prestigious Berklee College of Music. There he studied with professors - Scott DeOgburn, Charlie Lewis, and Christine Fawson. 

          Jeremy has performed at various venues and festivals, including: NAMM, Hard Rock Cafe (Boston),  Rockwood Music Hall, Musikfest, Litchfield Jazz Festival, Springfield Jazz and Roots Festival, Indie Soul Festival, Stone Soul Festival, Gloucester Blues Fest and many more.  Over the years, he has worked with many local, regional, national, and international artists including: Tyrese, Aron The Bassist, Doobie Powell, Charles Neville (The Neville Brothers), Avery Sharpe (McCoy Tyner), Pancho Tomaselli (War, Tower of Power, etc), The Delfonics, Shana Wilson, Wali Ali (The Temptations), Braxton Cook, Asa "Ace" Livingston, Cleveland P. Jones, Taylor Ho Bynum, Magdalena Gomez, Michelle Brooks-Thompson (NBC's The Voice), and many others! 

          While living in Springfield - Jeremy taught trumpet and intro to music production at the award winning Community Music School of Springfield.  He was also a member of their nationally recognized outreach program - Sonido Musica - which helped bring instrumental music back to the entire Springfield School District.  "There's nothing more satisfying than watching a student achieve a goal on their instrument or breaking down a wall they may have hit during practice." Jeremy stated.  During his years at CMSS, Jeremy worked with all levels of students from young beginners to college students in both private lesson, and ensemble scenarios with the intention to keep music exciting, fun and engaging for all!  He also co-lead the CMSS Summer Jazz Ensembles, as well as assisted with the Youth Wind Ensemble.  

          Currently, Jeremy resides in North Carolina, and is endorsed by Cannonball Musical Instruments - playing on their 790-RL Model Trumpet.  Jeremy also leads the horn section for Gospel Music Legend, Doobie Powell and is the front man of his own band.  He is the cofounder, and creative director for the Springfield Community Jam based in Massachusetts along with Focus Springfield TV Studios.  Jeremy has recorded and arranged horns on over 3 dozen albums for artists like Michelle Brooks-Thomson (NBC's The Voice), Tyrese, Doobie Powell, Avery Sharpe (McCoy Tyner), and Aron The Bassist (Full Discography list below).  He continues to do freelance live and studio work, teaches privately, and is available for master classes, residencies.  

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As a Side Man                                              As a Front Man

Jeremy has recorded on various projects both as a side man, and as a front man.  Below are various CD projects he has been had part in from various artists.  Click on the album to listen now on Spotify!  

- Turned It Around (Single) - Jeremy Turgeon (2023)

- Callin Bullshit (Single) - Jeremy Turgeon (2023)

​​- Just Feels Right (Feat. Nichelle J. Mungo & Gabe Childs) (Single) (2022)

- What Matters Most - Jeremy Turgeon Quintet (2017)

- Again (Feat. Nichelle J. Mungo) Single (2017)

- New Journey - Jeremy Turgeon Quartet (2015)

​​​Jeremy Turgeon

- To Be There - Sanpriest (2024)

- Come Here Baby - Sanpriest (2024)

- Q&A - Anthony Williams (2024)

- Fall Again - Mariah Anae (2023)

- Single Most Beautiful Thing - Joshua Robinson (2023)

- Artoons, Vol. 1 - Doobie Powell (2023)

- Love Transaction - Tyrese (2023)

Bet It - The Childrn (2023)

- Jon Coffé - Jon Coffé (2023)

- She's Bad - Sanpriest (2023)

- I Don't Think You Ever Loved Me - Tyrese (2023)

- The Light - Doobie Powell (2022)

- Becco Sessions - Frank Manzi (2022)

- The Seed - Aron The Bassist (2022)

- Subsequential Happenings - Matt Twaddle (2022)

- Ocean Floor Vol. 1 - Cam Fletch (2022)

- Leander's Road - Doobie Powell (2022)

- Mindful Maze - Milquetoast & Co. (2021)

- Barfly - Milquetoast & Co. (2021)

- Choir Life - Kergyma Community Choir (2021)

- Done/Undone - Milquetoast & Co. (2021)

- Never Give up (Feat. Doobie Powell) Single - Aron The Bassist (2021)

- All Things New - Doobie Powell (2021)

- Better (Feat. Frank McComb) Single - Doobie Powell (2020)

- Early in The Morning (Feat. Jeremy Turgeon) Single - DJ Chopp-a-lot (2020)

- Spirit and Soul - Steven Hodge (2020)

- Vocoder Music - Isaac Monts (2020)

- Azul (Feat. Jeremy Turgeon) - Kolektivo Music (For Facebook Sound Collection)

- Fake News Blues Band - Fake News Blues Band (2019)

- Kashmir the Great - Milquetoast & Co. (2019)

- Fill This Place (Feat. Myron Williams) - Kergyma Community Choir (2019)

- Run For Cover - Lawrence V. White (2019)

- I am Triumphant (Single) - Michelle Brooks-Thompson (2017)

- Keep Praising Him - Michelle Brooks-Thompson (2017)

- John Hanifin Band - John Hanifin Band (2016)

- Do You Love Me (Feat. Jeremy Turgeon) Single - Natalie Redd (2016)

- Sharpe Meets Tharpe - Avery Sharpe (2016)

- My Life's Testimony - Michelle Brooks-Thompson  (2015)