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Forest Loomis-Dulong - Bass

      Starting bass lessons in the 7th grade at the age of 12, Forest has now been playing bass and studying music for the past nine years. Forest went to high school at the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter High School (PVPA) where he took a variety of music classes such as Rock, Pop R&B, and Jazz ensembles. Some of PVPA’s music teachers include current department head Frank Newton, Former department head Mitch Chakour (previously the music director and pianist for Joe Cocker), Tony Lechner, and Rahul Roy. While at PVPA Forest took bass lessons with Michael Micucci.

      For the past three years Forest has been a student in the music department of Holyoke Community College (HCC) where he took private lessons with Rudi Weeks. He also studied Jazz improv and music composition with Bob Ferrier (Berklee Graduate, Jazz Guitar professor at Umass Amherst, and Head of the Jazz program at HCC). While at HCC Forest was awarded an Honors Recital for his excellent Jury Exam performances. He also received a Music Performance Award his superb playing while a student in the department.

      Forest is also a two time participant in the Jazz in July summer music program at Umass Amherst where he has gotten to learn from Musicians and Educators such as Sheila Jordan, Avery Sharpe, Jeff Holmes, Bob Ferrier, Wayne Robers, Phillipe Salles, Barry Reis, Earl MacDonald, Winard Harper, and many more.

      Forest is currently the bassist for the Jeremy Turgeon Quintet and Larry Dulong and Random sighting. He has performed with Braxton Cook, Jo Sallins, Nichelle Mungo, Sheila Jordan, Bob Ferrier, Mark Mercier, Larry Dulong, Dave Loomis, John Weeks, Jim Cote, and countless others.